LIVIC Civil delivers more than just generic engineering. We seek to leverage our relationships, local knowledge and permitting experience to become your trusted adviser.


land development

We focus heavily on assisting clients with due diligence, research and site selection, which is a key differentiator of our firm. Proper site selection, planning and realistic timelines all serve to increase the success rate of permitting. Additionally, we strive to provide clients with potential site opportunities and reputable contacts to support the growth of their business.

survey & subdivision

Our industry experience provides us with connections in many geographies. This allows us to pursue value-driven teaming opportunities to deliver survey and subdivision services to our clients, thereby eliminating the need for additional coordination on the client's end.  Through this approach, we manage these services so our clients can stay focused on their businesses.



Traffic engineering focuses on  safety issues related to traffic patterns, road geometry, detour plans, sidewalks and crosswalks, traffic signage and street signals. From signal retiming to commercial traffic impact studies, LIVIC Civil has the expertise to meet all of your traffic engineering needs. Whether representing a commercial developer or a municipality, we strive to provide safe and efficient solutions that meet our client's needs.


feasibility & master planning

Development clients tend to lose the largest percentage of future profits when they select poor project locations. Our role is to mitigate this risk through an understanding of both our client's business, the local permitting requirements and site characteristics. We seek to leverage our relationships, local knowledge and permitting experience to become your trusted adviser.


zoning & land use representation

As available, undeveloped land diminishes, zoning must evolve with cultural changes. Clients often encounter situations where the existing zoning is incompatible with the project vision.  Our experience with legal professionals, real estate brokers and other land experts provides the foundation for creating a solid appeal for your zoning needs. 

municipal engineering

Funding is the primary hurdle when it comes to municipal government and institutional projects. We add value to our municipal clients through our experience with construction and design, knowledge of state and federal regulations, and insight into securing grants and managing multiple funding agencies. 


construction administration

Looking for Construction Management Services?  From contract documents, to bidding and construction oversight, LIVIC Civil can help.  Inevitably, projects will encounter hurdles in construction. Our experience with permitting agencies and contractors allows us to serve as the cohesive binder to continuously advance projects when challenges arise. 


stormwater permitting

Designing site layouts that merely 'work' is a thing of the past. We are cognizant of the capital costs and the need for longevity but we also seek to minimize your reoccurring costs for maintenance, monitoring and ongoing reporting of stormwater and other facilities. Similarly, municipal oversight and federal MS4 compliance for nutrient reduction continues to drive municipal capital planning.



ADA compliance has emerged as a critical component of all projects.  From internal to external building projects to parks, recreational facilities and trails, accessible pathways and parking features must be designed and installed correctly. Clients often struggle to provide accessible routes through existing or proposed facilities when converting to a new use. We aim to educate our clients about these requirements and provide cost-effective solutions.



Aging infrastructure and cultural trends have produced a need for continued enhancement of roadway corridors as well as the creation of new community spaces. We offer experience in planning, design and construction support for streetscapes and municipal infrastructure projects of all types. If your focus is more on landscape elements and aesthetic design, ask us about how we can create an attractive landscape for you.